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Barista and Waitress

I've Experienced

  • Wage Theft

  • Hopelessness

  • Not being heard

  • Lack of Sleep

"My goal is to progress into tech. I want to start with obtaining certificates in a short time span and gradually learn more as time and money allows."

A Bit About Me

Hi. My name is Olivia and I enjoy small moments and fulfilling experiences. I choose to look at the world optimistically but sometimes the weight of it all gets heavy. I have become a person who takes things day by day, I choose kindness and love over any emotion, and I'm endlessly evolving to become a better self as my time continues.


I want to progress towards a career in programming. Right now I’m working towards this goal with as much time and money as I can spare. 


I feel unmotivated at my job. Honestly… I wake up every day of the work week and feel like a robot. It’s not fulfilling, it’s not challenging, and I'm surrounded by others who have little interest in the work we are doing. It feels as though I'm just going through the motions until I find my niche, but I often question if I even have the ability to find and then succeed in my said niche.


I try my best to compartmentalize the stress from work so that it doesn’t affect my relationships. Some days when work is long I’d rather come home and sit in silence or do little to nothing. Other times I crave the pick me up that I can get from spending time with my family and friends. It varies, but for the most part I try to separate it so I don’t take my feelings that I have towards my job out on those I love.


As of right now my mental health deteriorates a bit from working in an environment that does little to nothing to expand on my knowledge, skills, and interests. Since it’s more or less work to pay the bills it gets a bit depressing. Physically I try to refrain from snacks because I don’t get much movement while in the office.


The work I do now truly puts me in a very low mood. At times I get unmotivated to do anything and often get stuck in my head. Once I get past the debilitating thoughts I then start to feel like there is hope to find work that I enjoy and enjoy myself as well as those around me.

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