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Chloe's Tattoos

Located in the Beanchain Coffee office space.

Get a Consultation

Email to book a tattoo or a consultation!


About me!

My Name is Chloe and I've been tattooing for over 4 years, am certified in Bloodborne Pathogen safety, as well as CPR to ensure a safe environment.  Fine line is my main specialty, but I dabble in many different styles. I do color as well as black and grey. I'm always striving to make my studio and your experience as comfortable as possible! 


My prices are somewhat flexible depending on the piece. If I quote you a price and we go over on time, the original quoted price will always be upheld. I also do free touch ups for all my tattoos. 


Drawing Process

Every tattoo design is preapproved by the customer at least a day before to ensure there is no pressure to get a design they don't absolutely love. If they aren't happy with the design by the night before the appointment we push the tattoo date back. 

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